Keyforce ERP Synchronization
makes life easier for your MS Dynamics CRM users

Standard integration between your
accounting system and MS Dynamics CRM

Alle SuperOffice brugere med kundekontakt sparer tid,
opnår bedre datakvalitet og får en forbedret arbejdsoplevelse

Integration mellem SuperOffice og jeres regnskabssystem
er et absolut must-have!

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Synchronization between your accounting system and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365. Safely. Securely. Efficiently.

This is how it works

Keyforce CRM Synchronization automatically ensures that you customer data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM is always identical to the data in your accounting system

  • Optional two-way synchronization between Microsoft CRM and your accounting system
  • See open entries and customer transactions as well as invoice and order lines directly in Microsoft CRM
  • Transfer new customers from Microsoft CRM to the accounting system with one click 
  • Work in Microsoft CRM. Avoid having your sales reps working in the accounting system

Keyforce CRM Synchronization makes all the crucial customer information, invoice information, turnover figures et al. available directly in Microsoft CRM.

This ensures that your Microsoft CRM users do not have to waste their time looking up data in the accounting system

This saves a lot of time and improves the daily work experience for your sales reps and all other employees with customer relations.



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All your customer information from the accounting system is available directly in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Obvious benefits

Our integration generates value from the word Go! and gives your Microsoft CRM users a more efficient and improved daily work experience. 

  • Work in Microsoft CRM. Avoid opening the accounting system
  • Save time. Gain access to customer information faster
  • Better customer service. Answer questions regarding the customers’ invoices faster
  • Find customer information yourself. Avoid consulting the finance department
  • Better data quality. The integration ensures that the master data is identical in both systems
  • Gain a better customer insight a lot quicker and simpler
  • Avoid double registration. Create customers in Microsoft CRM and transfer them to the accounting system with one click


Do you have any questions regarding Keyforce CRM synchronization?

Call: +47 21 98 69 70



Safe and secure implementation

Keyforce CRM Synchronization is a standard product, and therefore the installation is predictable, safe, and secure.
We connect to your server via a remote connection, and depending on your accounting system, we expect the implementation to last 1-2 days.

Which Microsoft Dynamics CRM versions?

We support the following versions:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

If you are not a Microsoft CRM online 365 customer, we support both Windows and the web client. We support Microsoft CRM 365 in all the most widely used browsers such as IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari et al.

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We support the following systems

Keyforce CRM Synchronization supports the following accounting and professions systems:

  • (Financials/Logistics)
  • Visma Business 
  • Visma Global
  • Visma eAccounting 
  • Visma Mamut 
  • Visma Contracting 
  • Visma Administration 
  • Visma Nova 
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 
  • Microsoft Dynamics C5  
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 
  • Unimicro 
  • Zirius 
  • Unit4 Business World (Agresso)
  • Azets 
  • PowerOffice Go
  • Clearbooks
  • Sage 

If you are unsure whether your accounting system is supported, then please call us at:

+47 21 98 69 70

Slik ser Keyforce CRM Synkronisering ut

Stamdata på kunden er synkronisert med regnskapssystemet.

Stamdata og rapportpaneler


We have satisfied customers all over the Nordic countries who use our integrations daily.

Some of our customers.

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All prices are listed without VAT and in Euro

License prices for ERP Synchronization


Price per user * = 13 Euro per month

Design & Administration** = 44 Euro per month (not per user)

Extra ERP Client (accounting)*** = 33 Euro per month (not per user)




* Per user is the same number of user licenses in Microsoft CRM.

** With this addition you have the possibility of including all fields from the customer table in the accounting system as well as the possibility of changing the content of the report panel with invoice history

*** This addition is mandatory if you need multiple balances integrated from your accounting system




Go to our order form or call us at: +47 21 98 69 70 or write to us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Terms of purchase

  • We invoice 12 months in advance
  • Special requests for installation is agreed upon and invoiced separately by the hour
  • The monthly license price includes support
  • Termination is accepted with 3 months’ notice
  • If you switch accounting systems to another one that is compatible, then you do not have to buy new licenses. You only have to cover expenses for a consultant for setting up the new solution in the new accounting system
  • It is the customer's responsibility to have the appropriate licenses for the ERP system.


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