This is what our customers say:

"At Frimann-Berner we it's vital to us that we can register orders while visiting a customer. InOrder let's us do just that in a simple an secure manner.
We register over 80.000 orders every year using InOrder and that saves us time every day. InOrder gives our salesreps an intuitive and easy order system which helps us give better service to our customers."

Market manager Stian Sundt - Frimann-Berner AS

"Happy employees are good employees. With the Keyforce ERP integration my sales reps have no need for other systems than SuperOffice. They don't have to be experts in other applications and with a few easy clicks, new customers are transferred from SuperOffice to our accounting system - this also goes for orders."

Mads Peter Poulsen - A.P. Botved


Our customers

We have satisfied customers who use our integrations and apps daily.

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