All prices are listed without VAT and in EUR
License price for ERP Synchronization
If you use Microsoft Dynamics NAV, C5, AX, Unit4 Agresso, 
Spectra MPS, Multicase, Jeeves, View Software, or Cross:
13 EURO per user per month
12 GBP per user per month 
If you use Visma Business, Visma Global,, Visma
Contracting, Visma Servera, Azets, Sage 200 or ClearBooks:
10 EUR per user per month
  9 GBP per user per month 
If you use Visma Administration, Visma Mamut,
Visma Nova, Zirius or Unimicro:
8 EUR per user per month
7 GBP per user per month 
If you use Visma eAccounting, Visma eEkonomi or PowerOffice Go:
6 EUR per user per month
5 GBP per user per month 
Design & Administration* = 44 EURO / 40 GBP per month (not per user)
Extra ERP Client (accounting)** = 33 EURO / 30 GBP per month (not per user)
* This option lets you transfer all of the fields from the customer table to the accounting system as well as the possibility to change the content of the report panel with the invoice history 
** This option is a requirement if you need an integration of multiple accounting reports from your accounting system 

How to start

If you are affiliated with a SuperOffice reseller, then we recommend that you coordinate the implementation with them. 

If you are not affiliated with a reseller, or if you are in contact with the SuperOffice office regularly, then please contact us directly at: +47 21 98 69 70




Go to our order form, call us at: +47 21 98 69 70, or write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Purchase now!


Terms of purchase

  • We invoice 12 months in advance
  • Special requests for installation is agreed upon and invoiced separately by the hour
  • The monthly license price includes support
  • User = SuperOffice user (all user plans)
  • Termination is accepted with 3 months’ notice
  • If you switch accounting systems to another one that is compatible, then you do not have to purchase new licenses. You only have to cover expenses for a consultant for setting up the new solution in the new accounting system

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