Obvious benefits

Our integration generates value from the word Go! and gives your SuperOffice users a more efficient and improved daily work experience. 


• Work in SuperOffice. There is no need to open the accounting system

• Save time. Gain access to customer information faster

• Improve customer service. Answer questions regarding customer invoices faster

• Find customer information yourself. There is no need to ask the finance department

• Improved data quality. The integration ensures that the master data is identical in both systems

• Obtain a better insight regarding customer a lot quicker and simpler

• Avoid double registrations. Create customers in SuperOffice and transfer them to the accounting system with one click


Do you have any questions regarding Keyforce ERP Synchronization?


Call us at: +47 21 98 69 70



Safe and secure implementation

Keyforce ERP Synchronization is a standard product, and therefore the installation is predictable, safe, and secure.

We normally connect to your server via a remote connection. Depending on your accounting system, the implementation approximately takes 1-2 days.


Which SuperOffice versions?

We support the following SuperOffice versions:

• SuperOffice 7.0, 7.1, 7.5

• SuperOffice 8 OnSite (requires Expander Services/Integrations Server)

• SuperOffice 8 Online

If you are not a SuperOffice Online customer, we support both Windows and the web client.

We support SuperOffice Online in all the widely used browsers, such as IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari et al.