Explore the companies that visit your website
and add them to your Selection in SuperOffice

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Leads form your own website
smoothly integrated with SuperOffice

Alle SuperOffice brugere med kundekontakt sparer tid,
opnår bedre datakvalitet og får en forbedret arbejdsoplevelse

Integration mellem SuperOffice og jeres regnskabssystem
er et absolut must-have!


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Subject and customer insight from your website
available directly in SuperOffice

This is how it works

The Leadenhancer App for SuperOffice provides you with a quick overview of subjects and your customers’ behaviors on your website – and you do not even have to leave SuperOffice.

Our app gives you the opportunity to single out visiting companies on your website in order to update them in SuperOffice automatically. 

  • The very clear Leadenhancer dashboard in SuperOffice gives you a superb overview
  • The list of all visitors gives you the opportunity to choose and import them as leads in SuperOffice
  • Update leads from Leadenhancer to a Selection and assign them to the relevant sales reps
  • Create follow-up activities in the sales reps’ calendars directly from the Leadenhancer app
  • Monitor the visits history from your website on every contact card in SuperOffice in an extra web panel
  • Save individual visits as activities in SuperOffice for statistical and segmentation purposes

The Leadenhancer app offers a unique knowledge of your customers and sends it directly into your company’s central sales and marketing tool, i.e. SuperOffice.

Give your sales reps valuable insight into their customers’ interests, but with a minimal effort.

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With the Leadenhancer app for SuperOffice the sales reps’ day will often start with a quick overview of the of the Leadenhancer dashboard



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Who is Leadenhancer? Find out more on www.leadenhancer.com

Generates value immediately

The Leadenhancer app for SuperOffice makes leads from your website accessible in SuperOffice.

As a sales rep you will receive immediate access to valuable insight into subjects and customers in a very easily operational and intuitive way in SuperOffice.    

  • Get a quick overview in the Leadenhancer dashboard. Follow the progress of the activity level on your website and look at sources as well as the visitor Top 10 list
  • New leads with a minimal effort. As a sales rep you will simply get the relevant new leads directly in SuperOffice, ready for processing
  • By being able to see which pages on your website that your customers and subjects look at, you will have an advantage in a future sales meeting
  • Discover dormant customers who all of a sudden show interest in products on your website

Do you have any questions regarding
the Leadenhancer app for SuperOffice?

Call us on: 21 98 69 70



Simple and safe implementation

The Leadenhancer app for SuperOffice is a standard app for SuperOffice, and therefore the installation is simple and safe.

We connect to your server via a remote connection, and the implementation lasts approximately half a day.

Here you can download a PDF with the minimum requirements for the installation:

Minimum requirements

Which SuperOffice versions?


We support the following SuperOffice versions:

  • SuperOffice 7.0, 7.1, 7.5
  • SuperOffice 8 onPremise

For the SuperOffice onPremise we support both Windows and the web client as well as the most widely used browsers such as IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari et al.

Slik ser Leadenhancer App ut

Få et hurtig overblikk! Lag deg et godt inntrykk av den seneste tids besøk på din website, uten å forlate SuperOffice

Overblikk i Leadenhancer dashboard

Dine besøk presentert i en liste, hvorfra du kan se om de finnes i SuperOffice fra før, velg ut
dem du vil importere, legg dem i et Utvalg og tildele aktiviteter til selgerne.


På hvert kontaktkort i SuperOffice får du let innsikt i dine kunders besøksadferd presentert i et ekstra webpanel




All prices are listed without VAT and in NOK


Leadenhancer app – including Leadenhancer subscription

5.500 kr. per month (regardless of the number of SuperOffice users)


Start-up fee, installation, intro meeting and start-up meeting:

9.000 kr.


Any potential request regarding modifications is agreed upon prior to the installation and is invoiced according to the usual hourly fee of 1.450 kr.



Call Keyforce:  

21 98 69 70

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 Terms of purchase

  • You will only receive invoices from Valoris
  • Special requests for installation is agreed upon and invoiced separately by the hour
  • The monthly license price includes support
  • Termination is accepted with a 1 month notice

This app is developed and maintained by:

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